Perfectly Matching Wedding Rings, Without parting with your Engagement Ring

Get a stunning custom made wedding ring, at a lower price than buying one off the shelf!

YES! Send Me a Kit
Free Return Postage Included

Item Amount
Shaped Wedding Ring Mould Kit £4.95
Order Total £4.95

What's Included?

  • A mould kit to create an imprint of your ring
  • Your wedding ring designed to match perfectly
  • Visual images of your design fitted to your ring
  • Price your design in any metal before ordering
  • Free return postage for your kit to send back to us

Don't Take Our Word For It - Our Customers Love Us!

100% Risk Free Process

  • No need to part with your engagement ring
  • No obligation to buy the ring if you don't like the design
  • See exactly how it will fit from stunning virtual images
  • Order a £10 plastic version to check the fit and try it on
  • 100% Money back guarantee if the ring doesn't fit

We send you images of EXACTLY how it will fit your Engagement Ring!

Thousands of Happy Customers

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