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Anniversary Rings

Anniversaries are a celebration of the date a marriage took place, celebrating the years spent together and many years to come. Not everyone likes to celebrate them but when it comes to a milestone, you may wish to buy a ring for your significant other.

By Manisha Chahal

16th of February, 2018

Wedding anniversaries date back to the Roman Empire. It was traditional for husbands to crown their wives with wreaths - silver for 25 years of marriage and gold for 50 years. In more recent times, more anniversaries are represented, often with a specific metal or gemstone. Here at Alba Rose we often meet clients who are looking for anniversary rings, so here are some examples of...

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Valentines Day - Promise Rings

That special day for all couples is here, the day where you show appreciation and love for one another and show the mutual respect in your relationship. Are you wanting to get your partner something special, to show how much you care? ...

By Kyrah Moton

14th of February, 2018

Sometimes gents can struggle on what to get for their partner on valentines day, which is understandable because you don’t always want to go overboard (especially just after Christmas). https://www.albarose.com/product-details/106470/promise-rings A promise ring is the perfect gift for valentines day, why? Because you don’t have to spend over the odds to get one and...

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Full Eternity and Semi Eternity Rings

To complete your set you may choose to have an eternity ring. An eternity ring is a ring which is worn on the left hand of a woman, it is given by her partner as a symbol of love which is to last for eternity. They are found to be set with an unbroken cir

By Anna Livermore

12th of February, 2018

The eternity ring is traditionally worn between the engagement and wedding band, however, people wear their eternity ring on whichever finger it fits most comfortable Choosing an eternity ring can take time, so ensure you have had a long browse and gathered as much inspiration and information as possible. Most people like to match their eternity ring to their other rings, so if...

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Valentines Special - Top 10 Ways To Propose To Your Girlfriend

Do you need some guidance on how to pop the big question? Where? When? How? Alba Rose is here to give you the top 10 ways to propose to your girlfriend.

By Roxanne Hosier

10th of February, 2018

1. Holiday Recently, the idea of getting engaged on holiday is soaring in popularity. It is a magical moment to be somewhere that is out of the ordinary. Also it is somewhere you and your partner can get away for a holiday to enjoy this moment together. Below are some tips on a holiday proposal; Scenery - Scenery is one of the points which is going to stamp your...

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Floral Inspired Rings at Alba Rose

Jewellery is worn across the world by men and women. Here in the UK woman tend to wear more than men, so why not be influenced by something we are surrounded by; love of flowers.

By Catt Turner

9th of February, 2018

The 19th century saw botany become a strong influence in jewellery design and manufacturing. Easily recognisable flower designs became more intricate and extravagant, as well as being used to represent love and friendship. In more recent times the influence of flowers has reached bridal jewellery. No doubt, if you have ever searched for flower-themed engagement rings online you...

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