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How to Mould Your Engagement Ring at Home

An explainer video showing how to create a mould of your engagement ring at home.

By Ryan Rose

23rd of March, 2018

Using our innovative shaped wedding ring service, we can create a perfectly fitting wedding ring design without the need of even seeing your engagement ring. Our new Mould your Ring Kit allows you to create an imprint of your ring at home, which you then send back to us. Using this mould we can then create a perfect replica of your engagement ring, from which we then 3D...

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How the Bespoke service works

What a bespoke design does is it allows you to create that amazing ring you’ve been picturing in your head, exactly the way you imagined it.

By Kyrah Moton

21st of March, 2018

How much is it? You pay £35 for a design fee on the day, that £35 fee is for a designer to create your dream ring as a 3D Cad image, with exacting measurements to ensure every tiny detail is taken care of. Why would I have a Bespoke design? Bespoke Designs are very good for shape to fit wedding bands, for example, if you have an engagement ring with a unique...

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The Design Process and Designs at Alba Rose

Have a design in mind but don't know where to start? Why not have a read of our step by step design blog to help you through the process.

By Roxanne Hosier

19th of March, 2018

At Alba Rose Diamonds we are able to design and make any ring your heart desires. This includes shaped wedding bands to fit around unusual shaped engagement rings too. Create your own design with any stones or use your own stones. Customise our many rings in store or on our website too. The Basic Design - We can discuss with you at length any ideas you may have or make...

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Bubble Rings

Looking for something different, then why not have a look at our Bubble ring collection.

By Roxanne Hosier

16th of March, 2018

Here at Alba Rose Diamonds we do many different unquie and different designs to suit all. We have created a ring under the category - " Bubble Rings" This style can come in many different designs and carat weights. Of course if there is not a design which you like we can create a new one for you using our bespoke service. ...

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Art Deco Collection at Alba Rose

Mainly known for its use of Geometric shapes and distinctive style, Art Deco is the perfect style for anyone who loves to make a statement!

By Lauren Booker

14th of March, 2018

The Art Deco style a rose in the 1920’s. From post-war celebrations to the economic boom, everything in this era became the biggest and the best. Gemstones were used to make the designs bright and fun while white gold and platinum were used to make the bold designs stand out. The image below is from our Art Deco Collection (R48994) and the use of gemstones is clear. The...

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