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Why Jewellery Makes A Good Gift For A Loved One

With so much choice, Where do you start... read on for our hints & tips.

By Kyrah Moton

9th of May, 2017

Having that special person wear what you have chosen for them will always give them a reminder of your love for them. With such a wide range of options to choose from, you cannot go wrong with jewellery! There are other extra touches you could do to make it even more special for your loved ones: Personalisation of any jewellery item will make it special. ...

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What Traditionally is the Wedding Ring Finger?

A fun and informative insight into how to wear a wedding ring.

By Lesley Todman

8th of May, 2017

HISTORY So why in the West are rings worn on the ring finger of the left hand? In Greek and Roman times it was believed that the ring finger had a vein that led to the heart. This is referred to as 'Vena Amorisor' or the Vein of Love, as we know the heart is the symbol of love. In 1686  Henry Swinburne wrote a book 'A Treatise of Spouses or...

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Top 5 Tips for a Stress Free Wedding Day

Discover how not to let stress drain the fun from your big day

By Roxanne Hosier

8th of May, 2017

Congratulations, you are getting married! Have you thought about what you need to do to plan a truly memorable wedding day? We would like to share our top tips on how you can make your most memorable day more fun. Tip 1: Take your time. The sooner you start the preparations and draft in the help of others, the easier the...

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No Wedding Rings fit my Engagement Ring, Where do I start?

With the use of 3D scanning , now the impossible becomes the possible!

By Lauren Wheeler

8th of May, 2017

So after waiting for weeks, months or even years, you were finally proposed to with the most unique and stylish engagement ring. The ring of your dreams! You were over the moon! But now it's time for the wedding and you are starting to panic, what wedding ring is going to go with this unusual design? Luckily, there is no limit...

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5 Different Ways To Propose

Eek! A proposal doesn't have to be expensive or extravagant but a unique moment that you will both remember for a life time....Good Luck!

By Debbie Arthurton

8th of May, 2017

Beach Walk - Whether it is a sunny or a rainy day walking the dog, your child or just the two of you with the sounds of the sea and the peaceful surrounding can be the perfect place. In advance take a pebble and write those special words “ Will you marry me ?” and keep hold of it until the next visit. As you are strolling along the shoreline skimming if you want to get...

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