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How to Mould Your Engagement Ring at Home

An explainer video showing how to create a mould of your engagement ring at home.

By Ryan Rose

23rd of March, 2018

Using our innovative shaped wedding ring service, we can create a perfectly fitting wedding ring design without the need of even seeing your engagement ring. Our new Mould your Ring Kit allows you to create an imprint of your ring at home, which you then send back to us. Using this mould we can then create a perfect replica of your engagement ring, from which we then 3D...

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Patterned and Textured Rings

Here at Alba Rose, we have a selection of patterned and textured rings. These are most popularly used for gents wedding rings, but suitable for other items too.

By Catt Turner

23rd of February, 2018

When you select a patterned ring, the drop-down menu offers the available options. Our most popular widths are 5mm - 8mm, but should you desire a narrower band, do feel free to ask. Our patterns include brushed effects, textures, milgrain edging, hammered effects and grooves or lines. These can be viewed here. ...

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Ladies Diamond Set Wedding Bands

So it's time to choose your wedding band and you have seen a few diamond set rings.

By Lesley Todman

19th of February, 2018

At Alba Rose we can advise on the various types and help you to decide. Of course you may wish to have other stones apart from diamonds or a combination of the two for your wedding band. The Traditional Band with Diamonds Product Code : D34093-8 Wedding - https://www.albarose.com/product-details/114029/ladies-diamond-set-wedding-rings The traditional band...

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Full Eternity and Semi Eternity Rings

To complete your set you may choose to have an eternity ring. An eternity ring is a ring which is worn on the left hand of a woman, it is given by her partner as a symbol of love which is to last for eternity. They are found to be set with an unbroken cir

By Anna Livermore

12th of February, 2018

The eternity ring is traditionally worn between the engagement and wedding band, however, people wear their eternity ring on whichever finger it fits most comfortable Choosing an eternity ring can take time, so ensure you have had a long browse and gathered as much inspiration and information as possible. Most people like to match their eternity ring to their other rings, so if...

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Shaped To Fit Rings

We would love to create a wedding ring to perfectly match your engagement ring, we have our unique Shaped Wedding Ring Service which means we can make a perfectly fitting ring for you.

By Rhea Catchpole

7th of February, 2018

We specialise in this shape to fit service, not everyone requires but for those of you that have beautiful unique shaped engagement rings and would like your wedding band to sit flush then this is perfect for you. We provide images over email of how your engagement ring and the ring we designed for you based on the information you gave us look together before manufacturing so that you can...

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