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After Care Packages at Alba Rose Diamonds

Here at Alba Rose Diamonds we offer three different aftercare packages to offer you total peace of mind.

By Roxanne Hosier | 20th of April, 2018

Jewellery After Care

Adding an aftercare package to your purchase is a great way to ensure your treasured items of jewellery are kept in its top condition at all times.

Speak to one of our sales consultants to activate your after care package today.

Standard AfterCare - £2.99/Month

- Unlimited professional cleaning, including removal of scratches and dents which can build up over time.

- Unlimited re-plating / re-rhodium plating of white gold.

- Unlimited health check of the item including free quotation for repair or replacement as required.

Premium Aftercare - £5.99/Month

The Premium Aftercare includes all the benefits of our standard package above, plus the following included.

- Repair of your item back to its new condition in the event of any accidental damage.

- Replacement of your item if the item is deemed beyond repair, utilising existing diamonds and gemstones as appropriate.

- Replacement of any lost diamonds or gemstones up to 0.15ct in size due to accidental damage or any unknown circumstance.

Multiple Aftercare - £9.99/Month

- Cover you for the above but on a total of three rings from Alba Rose Diamonds

When Repair is Not an Option

If your item of jewellery is deemed beyond repair, we will remake your item back to its new condition, making any improvements to the design we feel necessary to provide extra protection. Jewellery that needs to be remade will be subject to our standard lead times of manufacture, and you will be provided with a delivery time.

How To Make a Claim

Return your item back to our store, or to our head office using the appropriate returns form. Your item will then be assessed and you will be notified of our findings, and the best course of action we wish to take.

Payment Dates

The intitial payment will be taken on the day the cover is started, and the following recurring payments will be taken on the same date every months there-after.

Premium After Care Conditions

We agree to REPAIR if accidentally damaged, or REPLACE if damaged beyond repair, the item whilst anywhere within the geographical limits stated below, with the exclusions set out in this document. The aftercare cover does not entitle the holder to a cash settlement in the event of a claim, and does not cover loss in any circumstance. Small gemstones and diamonds up to a size of 0.15ct will be replaced if lost due to accidental damage. The after care can be applied to any product purchased from us, and for a small monthly fee your item will be covered and protected for as long as the small monthly payments are made on time.


Any damage that has occurred prior to the package being taken out.

Any cost of repair or replacement which improves an insured item beyond its condition before the damage occurred.

Any diamond or gemstone set within the item with a size exceeding 0.15ct in carat weight will not be replaced if lost as result of damage.

Any client not residing in the United Kingdom

Any item which has been worked on by a third party in attempt to repair any damage.

Any intentional damage inflicted on the item.

Any loss of the item in any case