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3 Stone Pendant Designs

Pendants come in an array of shapes and sizes. Here at Alba Rose, we can do anything from a delicate diamond pendant to a pretty flower or heart shape. Infinity symbols are also a popular choice, while some people prefer a drop design.

By Catt Turner | 13th of April, 2018

One of our newest items is this stunning 3 stone pendant. It features two round diamonds and one princess cut (square) diamond. They total 0.69 in carat weight and can be set in your choice of metal, from platinum to yellow gold. They are arranged one above the other with metal coming part way around them. This holds them securely in place but allows light to penetrate the stones too, which adds to their fire and sparkle.

The bale (section through which a chain can go) is incorporated into the design, which adds a topmost point that is in keeping with the style. The top stone is also the largest at 0.30ct, creating a focal point.

The princess cut diamond is set at an angle. This tilted effect is becoming more popular in engagement rings, so we have used it here too. It makes the square shape look a little different, with the corners pointing towards the two round stones.

Product - N44078 - https://www.albarose.com/product-details/106559/3-stone-pendants

The bottom stone is also the smallest. The metal that wraps around the bottom creates the illusion of the diamond sitting upon it. This gives a finishing touch to the design.

When it comes to three stone jewellery, it doesn’t have to be just about the design. With three stone engagement rings, (trilogies), there are two meanings. The first is that the stones represent time: the past, the present and the future. Some couples opt for this as it symbolises their time together and time to come. Alternatively, the stones are thought to represent friendship, love and fidelity, as these are the three main components of a strong, committed relationship. If purchasing this pendant for a loved one, you could reflect these themes with the three diamonds, making it ideal for a birthday, Christmas or anniversary present.

If diamonds are not for you, gemstones can also be set into this design. If you would prefer this pendant to feature your birthstone, favourite colour or other gemstone choices, then get in touch.

Something to note is that our pendants do not come with a chain as standard. This is something that needs selecting from the drop down box. If you're not sure, get in touch.

We are always updating our database with new designs, so keep an eye on our website. Alternatively, don’t forget we have a bespoke service, by which we can create a design tailor-made for you.